We Love Happy Customers

We believe every house and every dirt road in our community deserves to access the same high-quality internet available to people in urban areas, and our mission is to do just that.


“It’s unbelievable how much faster the internet is since we hooked up with RiverNet. No interruptions, no slowdowns, just great service. Would highly recommend!”

– Linda B.

Boosts Internet Speed

“My speed is great. RiverNet finally allowed me to boost my Internet speeds from DSL while saving a little money, too. Plus, the installers were great, too.”

– Mark N.


“We got our Installation last week and our internet is super-fast! The installation guys were very friendly, professional, and informative.”

– Amy T.

So Pleased

“I’m so pleased to be doing business with RiverNet. The technician that installed our system was very informative and went above and beyond to make sure that everything was as it needed to be. Our system booted up and ran beautifully. Thanks so much to the RiverNet team!”

– Linda C.

Truly Amazing

“It’s truly amazing to get fast internet speeds from RiverNet in a rural area. Thanks, RiverNet Connect for bringing this service to your customers.”

– Steven M.

Finally Able to Stream

“I can’t say enough positive things about RiverNet. We are finally able to stream live TV without buffering or blurred screens. Watching football this season is going to be wonderful! Maybe we can actually see what’s going on.”

– Ashley F.

See the RiverNet Connect Difference

High-speed fiber optic internet brings a new standard of rural broadband to Lancaster, Chesterfield, and Kershaw counties. With fiber optic, we can reach Gigabit (1000 Mbps) speeds. Use our speed comparison tool to make the best choice for your family and run a speed test on your current internet provider.

Blown Away

“Living in rural USA, we haven’t had reliable or even decent internet service for 22 years. Customer service, wow! And yes, you get a real person without the 30-minute wait. Blown away with RiverNet so far.”

– Susan M.

Getting the Speeds

“I’m actually getting the speeds I’m paying for now.”

– Aaron S.

Saved $ Cutting the Cord

“We have saved $85 a month by cutting the cord from our cable provider, and our home cameras work ten times better. So much good has come from switching to RiverNet.”

– Melanie B.

We Really Needed This

“We do not have internet options in the country, so we made the switch to RiverNet, and our speeds went from 2 Mbps to 294 Mbps. We really needed this, especially for the kids' school work! The installers were very professional and the service has been great.”

– Lissa Y.