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At RiverNet Connect, we believe that every single one of our community members should have the opportunity to have access to the same quality internet as the people living in Charlotte or Columbia. Our goal is to provide world-class internet to every house, on every dirt road that wants it and we won’t stop until we’ve done just that.

RiverNet Connect is the fiber internet subsidiary of Lynches River Electric Cooperative. Though we are powered and supported by LREC, we are proud to be two separate entities with a shared goal of serving our community.

If you’ve registered your interest in our service at RiverNetConnect.com, we will notify you through the e-mail and/or phone number you provided. You can also view all Phase One zones and zones that are opened by visiting the Service Areas page on our website. In addition, updates will be posted as progress is made on this project on the RiverNet Connect Facebook page.

RiverNet Connect’s fiber optic internet will bring a new standard of rural broadband to Lancaster, Chesterfield, and Kershaw counties. With fiber, data can be sent up to 1,000 times fast than traditional copper and the service can reach Gigabit (1,000 Mbps) speeds. Fiber technology is much more capable of handling streaming from several devices in the home and during certain times of the day when more people are connected. In addition, a properly designed fiber network isn’t susceptible to surges, and speeds don’t decrease based on distance.

Free internet service is available to people that qualify. Complete the short application at the USCA Affordable Connectivity Program website to check your eligibility. Once completed, you should receive an immediate notification of your approval typically via email. Once approved, call our customer services line at 843-675-3200 option 2.

Getting Started

You do not have to be an LREC member, meaning the name on your LREC account does not need to match the name on your RiverNet account. Also, there are some areas that are eligible for RiverNet Connect that are not powered by Lynches River Electric Cooperative.

You can sign up by entering your address here and, if service is available at your address, simply follow the prompts or call us @ 843-675-3200 option 2 Monday –Thursday 8-5 Friday 8-1.

Your landlord will need to give consent for the installation of RiverNet Connect services. You and your landlord will need to decide who will be responsible for the $99 installation fee or you may sign a 1 year contract to waive the installation fee.


Speeds will not be throttled (lowered), but it’s important to remember speeds can be impacted by a variety of factors and are dependent on the customer’s device.

We’re proud to say we will never implement a data cap on our customers. However, RiverNet does reserve the right to analyze data usage that is abnormally high.

RiverNet does not offer e-mail addresses with internet service. There are several well-regarded companies that offer free e-mail addresses including Google, Yahoo, Outlook, and AOL.

RiverNet Connect does not include anti-virus software. However, there are several free versions available such as Avast and AVG. Windows Security is built-in to Windows. Trend Micro and Norton are other options but are not free.


You are not required to have a landline to receive internet service.

Residential customers can have multiple lines at $24.95 per month per line. We also offer business packages that include several lines. Business owners should call our customer service line at 843-675-3200 for additional information.

At this time, we are not offering standalone phone service. Customers are required to have internet service in order to receive phone service.

Yes, customers can keep their current phone number. Our customer service representatives will work with the customer and the current provider to ensure the number is transferred successfully.

Installation & Equipment

RiverNet Connect will provide the ONT, but customers may use their own router. However, we will not be able to log into personally owned equipment to troubleshoot any problems that may occur.

If a customer terminates services for any reason, the customer must return the equipment undamaged within 14 days. If it is not returned, we will bill the customer’s account for the cost of the equipment. In addition, if the equipment is damaged, the customer will be responsible for the cost of the equipment.

Two boxes will be installed: an ONT (similar to a modem) and a wireless router.

You will need to be home for the install to be completed.

Once your zone is opened for installation, customers can call 843-675-3200 (option 2) to begin the installation process. One can expect installation to occur in 2.5-3 weeks after all documents have been signed. During this time, we will call in locate requests for other services run to your home, have an installer do the initial drop, then the installer will connect your home.

Most of the installation can be completed outside of your home, but an installer will need to come inside to finalize the installation and ensure your service is functioning properly.

No, we do not and will not sell customer information including browsing information.


Your billing date will vary based on when you sign up for service but usually comes 2 weeks after your install.

Your first bill will be prorated. This means that your first bill will include service from the day your service was connected until your bill date and the next month’s bill since you are billed in advance for service. This is usually about a month and ½ of service.

We do not require contracts for service, but we do offer a contract option. There is a $99 installation fee when service is started; however, customers can sign a one-year contract to waive the $99 installation fee.

There are no fees for canceling service; however, if a customer terminates services, whatever the reason, the customer must return the equipment undamaged within 14 days. If it is not returned, we will bill the customer’s account for the cost of the equipment. In addition, if the equipment is damaged, the customer will be responsible for the cost of the equipment. If service is canceled during a contract period, fees of $20 x the remaining months of contract, are placed on the account.

Customers can pay their bill by phone by calling 888-643-1078 or 843-675-3200 option 1, online through our SmartHub portal, or by mail at PO Box 130, Pageland, SC 29728.

You will receive a separate bill and have a separate account for your internet service.

Yes! Customers are welcome to upgrade or downgrade their service to adjust to which package best suits your family’s needs. There are no fees associated with changing packages.

A $15 late fee is applied for non-payment one day after the bill due date. If a bill is not paid one week after the due date, the service is disconnected and a $25 reconnect fee is added to the account. In order to reconnect your service, you will need to pay a $25 reconnect fee.

Battery Backup

Your RiverNet Connect provided telephone Optical Network Terminal (ONT) requires electricity to work. If the power goes out, you will be unable to use your home phone service (including making 911 calls) unless you have a Battery Backup Unit.

If you have a need to call 911 when the power is out, or have a home alarm system, or medical alert system, you may want a battery backup unit. Check with your alarm service provider to see if their alarm system requires a voice line to work.

The cost of the battery is $285. If you purchase the battery at the time of the initial installation, the installation fee is waived. A $50.00 fee will be charged for any installation after the initial telephone service install.

You do. RiverNet Connect is not responsible for maintenance, monitoring, or disposal of battery backup units.

When fully charged, our current Battery Backup Unit powers phone service for up to 24 hours during a power outage, letting you make and receive calls from a corded phone. Regarding “shelf life”, an unused battery should last 3-5 years before needing to be replaced. RiverNet Connect is not responsible for maintenance, monitoring, or disposal of battery backup units.

Alternative sources of backup power may be available from other sources, including generators. A charged cell phone may provide the backup phone service needed if home phone service goes out.

Yes. RiverNet Connect will not install it – but if you are comfortable, you can install your own battery. Keep in mind if the wiring is damaged by you during this process and RiverNet Connect needs to correct it, normal service charges will apply.


Voice service only. The battery backup unit only powers customer’s RiverNet Connects phone service, which will only work with a corded phone. The battery backup unit will NOT power a cordless phone, Internet, or TV service. Although it will NOT power a home-monitoring or medical-alert system, a battery backup unit will support the calling service needed to transmit data to those systems.

A red light will display on the battery to let you know the battery is no longer working. Some older batteries may also have an audible alarm. If a battery backup unit is purchased, RiverNet Connect supplies the initial battery for it. Subsequent batteries, their disposal, as well as maintenance and monitoring of the unit are the customer’s responsibility.

To order a battery backup unit call 843.675.3200 option 2.

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

The Affordable Connectivity Program offers up to $30 per month towards internet service for eligible households. In addition, RiverNet Connect will offer an additional $10 per month for households that qualify. Visit www.affordableconnectivity.gov to check your eligibility. Once completed, you will receive notification of your approval, typically via email. Once approved, call our member services line at 843-675-3200 option 2.

Tech Support & Troubleshooting

Customers can call 843-675-3200 and choose option 3 for technical support or to report an interruption in service. Please do not send a message to employees or via social media to report an issue since we cannot guarantee prompt service using this mode of communication.

See the RiverNet Connect Difference

High-speed fiber optic internet brings a new standard of rural broadband to Lancaster, Chesterfield, and Kershaw counties. With fiber optic, we can reach Gigabit (1000 Mbps) speeds. Use our speed comparison tool to make the best choice for your family and run a speed test on your current internet provider.

“It’s truly amazing to get fast internet speeds from RiverNet in a rural area. Thanks, RiverNet Connect for bringing this service to your customers!”

– Steven M.

“We are finally able to stream live TV without buffering or blurred screens. Watching football this season is going to be wonderful!”

– Ashley F.

“It’s unbelievable how much faster the internet is since we hooked up with RiverNet. No interruptions, no slowdowns, just great service.”

– Linda B.

“We made the switch to RiverNet, and our speeds went from 2 Mbps to 294 Mbps. We really needed this, especially for the kids’ school work!”

– Lissa Y.

Easy Bill Payment Options

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