We’re All in This Together

Community is at the heart of our organization and at the center of our new community wi-fi hotspot initiative. These uncertain times highlighted the importance of working together, lending a helping hand, and adapting to the new normal.

The creation of a top-notch fiber internet network has always been for our members' benefit. We recognized the importance of providing high-quality internet to our communities last year, before we'd ever heard of COVID-19 or social distancing. Access to the internet isn't a luxury anymore, but a necessity for equity in education, health, and economic success. This is why it is our mission to bring fiber internet to every member and every home regardless of where you live.

Unfortunately, it will take time to achieve that goal so, in response to the urgent need we're seeing now, in the middle of a global pandemic, we've created several free drive-in wi-fi locations for individuals in need of internet access.

Simply drive in to the community hotspot location between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. seven days a week and connect to the "RiverNet-Free" network.

Current Locations:

  • Union Baptist Church, 5003 Taxahaw Road, Lancaster
  • Bright Light Baptist Church, 4469 Kershaw Camden Hwy, Heath Springs
  • LREC Office, 707 S. Arant Street, Pageland

Each hotspot provides 300 Mbps internet speed and is capable of supporting up to 40 devices at one time. Access is completely free and there is no password required to connect to the network.

At this time, all locations are operating as parking lot hotspots, but this could change as additional sites are launched. We do ask that everyone using the sites - outside or inside -practice social distancing and hygiene precautions, including staying in your vehicle or at least six feet from other users and wearing a mask if necessary.

The community hot spots are a good thing, but the best thing would be to have service available at your residence. We're working hard to make that possible. Check our Service Area page to view the Phase One zones, including the green zones where members are eligible to receive service; this will be revised as coverage expands, so check back often. Members can also stay connected with us on the Lynches River Facebook page and the RiverNet Connect Facebook page for updates.

As we continue to make progress on this and other projects, we look forward to the opportunity to serve you and our community in the new year.

President & CEO