Faster internet is coming!

Fiber Optic Solutions CrewFast and reliable internet is more important than ever as many of us find ourselves spending more time at home. In the past few months, my family has become increasingly dependent on the internet for educational resources, entertainment, and connecting with family and friends. This new “normal” has made me even more excited to begin offering our members reliable high-speed, fiber internet at affordable prices through RiverNet Connect powered by your local electric cooperative.

We’re on the way

We have partnered with Fiber Optic Solutions to conduct all of our phase one fiber line construction which began in February of this year. Thanks to FOS we have five crews working to build our network as quickly and efficiently as we can. As of the beginning of May, they were averaging anywhere between 12-20 miles of fiber a week! We’re expecting to begin connecting customers this summer and be able to offer service to over 6,000 homes by the end of 2020. Phase one will offer service to homes in Chesterfield, Kershaw and Lancaster counties, serving many different communities, neighborhoods and areas throughout Lynches River’s service area. LREC members that have registered their interest at will be contacted to select their products and complete their registration when we are prepared to bring service to their area.

High-Quality affordable

We designed our products, pricing and policies with our own neighbors and families in mind. For us, that meant guaranteed high-speeds, cutting out unnecessary regulations like contracts and data caps, and reasonable pricing.

Our basic residential internet package features 300 Mbps upload and download at $59.95 per month. Other products include Pro Residential with 1 Gbps speeds, a variety of business internet packages, voice services and wi-fi boosters. Additional product information can be found at by clicking the “Products” tab at the top of the home page.

Stay in the loop

As we continue to move forward with RiverNet, we will do our best to keep our members up-to-date on new developments. We encourage our members to connect with us on Facebook by liking our RiverNet Connect page and Lynches River Electric Cooperative page, and by periodically visiting and right here at for updates.